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Following execution of a SPASA contract, documentation will be prepared regarding the design and siting of your proposed swimming pool and/or spa for your approval. Following lodgement and receipt of Building Approval (BA) or Construction Certificate (CC), and Development Approval (DA), if applicable (Mandatory in NSW, site dependant in ACT depending upon siting and height restrictions), Mediterranean Pools will attend your home to commence set out of your pool and/or spa to enable commencement of excavation works.

Excavation, reinforcement placement and

Upon completion of excavation works, and export and disposal of excavated material (if applicable); erection of formwork, placement of steel reinforcement as per engineering specifications will occur along with initial installation of plumbing works associated with your project.

Shell concrete spraying

Following completion of formwork erection, placement of steel reinforcement, and initial plumbing installation, your appointed Building Certifier or Local Council will undertake an inspection of the steel reinforcement to enable spraying of the concrete shell, and screeding. 28 days minimum curing is required as per engineering practises, and Australian Standards (AS)

Other trades

During the curing process, formwork will be stripped and removed from site, and a general site tidy will occur to enable other trades to complete their associated works. Upon completion of other trades’ associated works, the curing process, grinding of the concrete shell and water proofing (if necessary) will occur to enable installation of coping tiles and interior finish.

Coping tile installation and interior tiling

Installation of coping tiles to the pool’s perimeter beam will occur to enable your selected trades to progress their associated works, i.e. surrounding paving, tiling and/or decking, and pool safety barriers. Upon completion of this, the pool’s interior finish may then commence. It is highly recommended that all other trades have completed their associated works in the immediate vicinity to avoid damage to your pool’s interior finish. It is further noted that upon completion of the pool floor, the pool requires filling. As such it is paramount that safety barriers are in place for your family and friends’ safety and wellbeing as per the National Construction Code (NCC) of Australia and Australian Standards (AS).

Authority inspection

Following completion of all trades associated works your Building Certifier or Local Council will undertake a compliance check to ensure conformance with the NCC and AS, and your appointed electrician will arrange an electrical final inspection to permit issuing of an ‘Electrical Safety Certificate’ or equivalent. Upon compliance of both certifying parties your Local Governing Authority will issue a Certificate of Occupancy and Use, or equivalent.


Upon Completion of your pool and/or spa, Mediterranean Pools will undertake a site handover of your project regarding operation of the pool equipment, and also provide a handover booklet for your future reference and information.

Additional items

In the event of a Remco Swimroll installation, as pictured adjacent; Mediterranean Pools will undertake the necessary requirements to facilitate the installation of your Remco Swimroll cover within the pool structure, and coordinate with Remco Australia accordingly to enable installation and check measures. A full handover will be provided by a Remco Australia Technician upon completion of installation with a Mediterranean Pools representative present.

Be sure to check out the below short time lapse video showing how your concrete pool shell will be constructed.